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Yukon Grizzly Locker for Toyota Landcruiser, 30 spline
Image may vary from actual product
YGLTLC-30   [28032]

Yukon Grizzly Locker for Toyota Landcruiser, 30 spline

The Yukon Grizzly Locker is the ultimate in mechanical locking differentials for street, off-road, and drag racing. Grizzly Lockers provide 100% power to both tires, while still allowing for disengagement while negotiating turns.
  • Fits Toyota 9.5" Landcruiser with 30 spline axles
  • Patented internal design reduces common locker failures
  • 8620 internals for added strength
  • Assembled in the USA

Technical Notes: 45mm Bearing Journals, uses TK LM603049/ LM603014 bearings. On rear C-clip applications, the RH bearing cap must be removed to removal and install the x/p bolt. 4.56 & UP ratios may have to grind one R/G tooth for X/P installation & removal.

Compatible with Differentials:

•  Toyota Landcruiser, '90 & older - 10 Spline
•  Toyota Landcruiser, '90 & older - 30 Spline
•  Toyota Landcruiser, '91-'97 - 30 Spline