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Yukon Chrome Moly Superjoint kit, replacement for Dana 60
Image may vary from actual product
YP SJ-733X-733   [32088]

Yukon Chrome Moly Superjoint kit, replacement for Dana 60

Yukon Super Joints give you the ultimate in competition tough front axle u-joints.
  • Fits Dana Spicer 60
  • 4340 Chromoly cross
  • Eliminated needle bearings results in larger trunion for added strength
  • Uses ultra high grade antiseize for lubrication
  • Not recommended for daily driven use
  • Two complete joints, eight full circle snap rings, grease and grease gun
Limited Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects for as long as you own the vehicle

Compatible with Differentials:

•  Dana 60 Front, Reverse Rotation
•  Dana 60 Front, Standard Rotation - 30 Spline
•  Dana 60 Front, Standard Rotation - 35 Spline