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Bearing Kits
Setting up a differential involves a lot of measuring, disassembly, reassembly, adjusting, and remeasuring. Aside from the tools needed to assemble and disassemble a rearend, a good mechanic needs the right tools for making accurate measurements. Having the right tools makes the job far easier, whie the wrong tools can make the job miserable, if not impossible.

Bearing Pullers
  • Works with an impact gun to quickly and safely remove carrier bearings without damaging them
  • Comes with a handy bench top stand and works with up to most standard one ton applications
Bearing Puller
Housing Spreaders
  • Safely & easily allows proper preloading of carrier bearings
  • Works on Dana Spicer applications from D30 to D80
  • Made in the USA
Housing Spreader
Spanner & Side Adjuster Tools Spanner
Bearing Race Drivers
  • Over 20 part numbers available
  • Complete 21 Piece Race Driver Set Available
Race Driver
SetUp Bearings
  • 15 part numbers available
SetUp Bearings
Shim Drivers
  • Works On:
  • GM 7.5", 8.2", 8.5", 8.6", 12P, & 12T
  • Ford 7.5", 8.8", 9.75", 10.25", 10.5", & Model 35
  • Dana 44HD, Dana 44 JK, and more!
Shim Driver