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Quality Control

Quality Assurance at Yukon Gear


Quality parts make the difference in both installation and performance. At Yukon Gear, we set the in­dustry standard for in-house quality control to ensure you’re getting the highest quality parts available in the market today. Our high-tech, in-house quality lab tests everything from axles and gears, to carrier cases, lockers and driveshafts. Our highly trained staff inspects thousands of components each month, with tolerances down to .0002”. After all, what good are having the parts you need when you can’t install them? Our quality lab contains many high-tech devices such as:


  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM): An auto­mated measuring machine that can check parts against a drawing. Accuracy is measured down to .005mm (.0002”).
  • Spectrometer: A machine used to test and determine the chemical composition of metal.
  • Micro-Hardness Tester: Tests the hardness of materi­als in thousandths of an inch increments to determine proper heat treat gradient.
  • Optical Comparator: Magnified inspection of prod­uct for checking pressure angles, spline geometry, button machining, etc.
  • Axle strength tester: Used for determining the amount of torque needed to cause axle failure and for measuring degree of twist prior to failure.
  • Ring & Pinion PCD Checkers: Used to inspect ring & pinions for consistent tooth geometry.
  • Gleason Model 17A: A Ring & Pinion Roll Stand used to quickly and accurately test contact patterns on ring & pinions in a rolling environment.
  • Microscope and polishing equipment: Used to check for proper metal grain structure and strength.


In addition to our testing lab, we also employ the largest Quality Assurance department in the industry. At Yukon Gear, we put quality second to none!