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Tools of the Trade: Yukon Driveline Tools

Tools of the Trade: Yukon Driveline Tools




Tools of the Trade: Yukon Driveline Tools

From weekend warriors to master builders, craftsmen worldwide know that no matter what you’re working on, it’s all about the tools. For the mechanic, having the right tools is the difference between a smooth well-executed job and running around trying to find ‘something that works’ —most likely a screwdriver or other blunt, ill-advised tool—just to get the vehicle off the lift.

But the difference between getting a job done and getting a job done right, is the proper tools. Yukon knows differentials and in our 40-plus years in the industry we have pioneered many specialty tools just for drivetrain work. From specialized bearing pullers, to simple shim drivers, make it easy on yourself by investing in the proper tools for when a vehicle pulls in with that elusive “vibration in the rear.” Tools are an investment that will build your business.

There are four critical steps that ensure a strong, quiet, and long-lasting differential. A high-quality pinion depth-setting tool and a specialized inch/pound torque wrench is to install the pinion gear and set bearing preload. After that, specialized spanner tools or shim drivers allow you to dial in the backlash and carrier bearing preload.

Yukon has developed more than 80 different tools that streamline differential and drivetrain assembly. Here are some top sellers to consider:

YT P20 / YT P22 Yukon Bearing Pulling Set – These bearing pullers simplify bearing removal for those without a press. They feature different clamshell sizes for a clean, quick and simple way to remove a bearing quickly and without risk.





YT SD-01 Shim Driver Set – This set addresses Ford, GM, Chrysler, and many other housings. These half-moon, heavy-duty cradles are perfect for replacing the much-maligned screwdriver, punch, or pry bar so you get the job done right the first time. No more chipping shims or hammering screwdrivers to set your shims.

YT BD Bearing Race Driver – Yukon as developed more than 20 race drivers for different applications and they all will make your life easier because they accurately drive races and produce a perfect alignment for the right fit. These drivers are built to take a hammering, which is exactly what’s required to properly set bearings. The tool keeps your races centered and straight and works much better than using a socket or even the bottom of the closest beer can.



YT A06 Side Adjuster Tool – It’s almost impossible to reach the recommended adjuster torque of 150+ foot pounds without having the proper tool for side adjustment. Although this tool has a very singlular purpose, it’s exactly what’s needed to get the job done right. No more stacked extensions and cobbled together drivers to get the perfect fit.



Yukon also offers bolt extractors kits, spanner tools, spindle boring cutters and more to outfit a shop that wants to do the work and do it well. Tools are an investment that will build your business. Invest in the best, Yukon driveline tools.


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