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Yukon Master Installer Certification Program

The Ultimate Drivetrain Certification Program

At Yukon Gear & Axle, we say it’s proper training in differential and drivetrain that gets the job done right.  For over 40 years, Yukon Gear & Axle has been at the forefront of drivetrain product engineering, quality manufacturing, knowledge, and tech support.  Yukon has now partnered with LetzRoll Offroad to create a national drivetrain training academy in Mesa Arizona, offering a three-day course in differential installation mastery.

If interested, please submit the form below for more information.


Master Installer Program Overview

The Yukon Master Installer Certification Program brings together the best installers in the nation.  Those that become certified become leaders in their market and have the backing of Yukon Gear & Axle to support it. It by no means is an easy program, but those who are able to complete it will earn the title of a Master Installer, and join the ranks of 60+ of the best differential technicians in the country.


75% Hands-On | 25% Class

This program combines the technical aspects of the manufacturer along with the skillset and hands-on installation knowledge of the installer. A combination of classroom and technical installation on a number of leading axle assemblies is designed to take a general drivetrain installer to a master drivetrain installer.



Students that successfully complete the course will receive certification as a Yukon Master Installer. Certified installers will receive customized local market programs, shop shirts, in-shop signage, and targeted support to promote your business in your market.  This Master Installer Certification program is the only one in the nation!




3-Day Course

Yukon’s three-day course is designed to give the student both classroom and hands-on technical education to become the best in the business. The course will cover the anatomy of the parts, quality and engineering, product reviews, applications, procedures, tips and troubleshooting common failures, full builds, and more.


The Course Will Cover:

  • Product reviews and parts anatomy
  • Installation kits and types
  • The art of shimming
  • Engineering specs
  • Metallurgy
  • Pre-load and backlash
  • Troubleshooting
  • Common failures and detection
  • Performance vs. replacement
  • Positraction, limited slip, clutch design and chatter
  • Driveshaft strength and weaknesses
  • The right tools for your business
  • Q&A throughout all sessions


Provide your customers the peace of mind in working with a Certified Drivetrain Professional.



2024 Class Schedule

Fall Class scheduled for September 11 – 14

The Details

3-Day Intensive: 25% Class, 75% Hands-On

Cost$3,300 - Includes transportation to and from airport/hotel/class (airfare not included), breakfast and lunch, accommodations, and all training materials. All you have to do is get there!

Schedule: Courses run Thursday - Saturday

TimeThursday & Friday 8AM to 6PM, Saturday 8AM to 12pm


Fly to Phoenix


Day 1


  • Yukon Kit Reviews: AK, PK, YK, MK, BK, CK
  • Applications review of Yukon product lines Product Review and parts anatomy
  • Tools
  • Open Carrier Installation
  • Posi and Clutch changes
  • Air Lockers
  • Automatic Lockers
Day 2


  • Ring & Pinions -The good, bad, and the ugly
  • The engineering behind the quality
  • Carrier Installation
  • Carrier Preload
  • Carrier Backlash
  • Pinion Depth
  • Pinion Preload
  • Installation and troubleshooting tips
  • Choosing the right ratio
  • OE vs. Aftermarket
Day 3


  • Front and Rear Axle Builds
  • Understanding Performance vs Replacement Anatomy of a Driveshaft
  • Driveshaft Strength and Weakness
  • Performance Driveshaft Measurements
  • Front Axle
  • Rear Axle
  • Customer Service and Sales
  • Test

Deepen Your Knowledge

Master Installers will leave the certification program with deeper technical understanding of parts, products, installation techniques, tools for the trade, and a robust understanding of drivetrain technical capabilities. Those that pass the final exam will leave the program as a Yukon Certified Master Installer.


As a Thank You...

As a thank you, Yukon will support these Master Mechanics with Local Store Marketing programs in their area, to help build their business and present their company as Certified Master Installers. This service is free of charge and is designed to train mechanics in the art and science of drivetrain product knowledge and installation, providing elevated skills outside the scope of a normal work environment.



*You will be contacted to confirm your interest & dates. Restrictions Apply. Both Yukon Gear & Axle and Letz Roll Off-Road hereby reserve the right to accept and decline attendee applications at their sole discretion.



Here's what our customers have to say about us



"We do our fair share of differentials and this course was informative and helped a lot. It was a fun experience too." –Klimek, Defiant Motors Inc.

"It was awesome... I had preconceived ideas about how the class would go and what products would be there, but it was different in a good way. It was well-thought-out for people who have been doing differentials for a while. I'm already sharing that we're a Master Installer business and I'm excited to get Yukon's marketing support going now that the class is over." –Art, Geahr Offroad

Information was spot on and built on my current skills. I do a lot of gears and most definitely got tuned up, learned some new ways of doing things, and left a better mechanic.” –Ed, Chicago Driveline




Just an overall great experience. We felt welcome from the start, jumped into sit-down learning then over to hands-on. The tips, tech, new ideas, and better ways of doing things were all great. Multiple diff builds and real experts to work us through questions. Would definitely suggest it to lots of other shops if you want to fine-tune your business.” –Quinn, All J Products

Great class to build on if you have years of experience. This was the real deal in training from tools, to patterns, to multiple diff setups, metallurgy, and customer service. All very well done.” –Arron, Arron’s Olympic 4x4

The class was good. I definitely learned some things that I didn't know before.” –Chris, Carl's Auto Care





I wanted to take a quick minute to thank you again for a job well done. I really enjoyed my time at Letz Roll. The staff there was an awesome crew. The knowledge and stories were great. The freedom to “make yourself at home” during the time at the shop was much appreciated. I really enjoyed harvesting some of your intimate knowledge. I got exactly what I needed out of the class. I wanted the reinforcement from you and the Letz roll staff that what I thought I was reading out of gear patterns was ACTUALLY correct. I'm glad to know that the heating and cooling of parts to make fitment easier is an ok thing to do. I got a few good tool ideas too.

Thanks again, I can’t say enough about the hospitality.

Glenn Fitzpatrick, Owner
Zoe’s Off-Road


Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Does the fee include AIRFARE?
A:  The $3,300 does not include airfare. It does include airport transfers and transportation to and from classes, breakfast, lunch, and three days of training.

Q:  Does the fee cover the HOTEL?
A:  Yes, the fee covers the cost of the course, hotel, breakfast, and lunch. Dinner is on your own.

Q:  What about MEALS?
A:  Breakfast and lunch are included. Dinner is not. All techs are on their own for dinners. There are numerous restaurants in the area within walking distance of the hotel.  Buffalo Wild Wings is a 2-minute walk away.

A:  Included to and from the airport to the hotel and to/from the hotel to Letz Roll Off-Road.

Q: What do I need to WEAR?
A: Dress is casual. Considering that most of the class will be in the shop working around parts, wear whatever you are comfortable in that may get grease on it. This is a working training program so dress for that.

Q: Any TOOLS needed?
A: All tools for the training will be provided.

Q: Who will be TEACHING the classes?
A: Trained technicians from Letz Roll Off-Road as well as techs from Yukon will be on-hand to train during the program. Prior training through Yukon Gear & Axle has been provided to Letz Roll so that the finer points of installation are taught.

Q: Class TIMES?
A: Thursday 8AM - 6PM, Friday 8AM - 6PM, Saturday 8AM to 12:00 Noon.

Q: What can I expect from YUKON SUPPORT after we pass the class?
A: Marketing personnel from Yukon will be reaching out to each new Master Installer to develop customized programs for their business based on their market needs. These range from simple shop banners with the Master Installer logos, to localized Google programs, web programs, event support, social media training, direct mail, tri-folds, stuffers, counter cards, window treatments, and more.

Q: When do you stop taking students?
A: There is a MAXIMUM CLASS SIZE of ten students per class. We will take reservations up to that point and then push to the next open class. Spots are reserved on a first come, first served basis.

*Please Note: If a class has very low registration, we reserve the right to move the registered students to the next class and are not responsible for potential cost of flight changes, etc. 

A: Fill out the form above and Erika will reach out to confirm the availability of the class requested, student experience, registration forms, and payment.

*Must demonstrate competency in differential work and receive a passing grade on the course exam in order to receive certification.