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Yukon 1541H replacement inner axle for Dana 60, Sno-fighter
Image may vary from actual product
YA D660182-10   [21115]

Yukon 1541H replacement inner axle for Dana 60, Sno-fighter

Yukon Gear and Axle offers an extensive line of general replacement and high performance axles for passenger car, truck and SUV applications. High quality alloys and the latest in heat-treating technologies provide a strong axle for off-road, on the street or at the track.
  • 35 spline
  • 34.56" long
  • Fits Dana Spicer 60 in 1978-1979 Ford F350
  • Left hand inner
  • 5-332X U-joint size
10 year warranty against Manufacturer defects

Compatible with Differentials:

•  Dana 60 Front, Reverse Rotation